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The selling process doesn’t have to be complicated or take months.

Since arriving on the property scene in 1999 Franklins have been dedicated to improving the selling experience for its clients and the general public. Constantly driven to provide an ever more efficient service, we work closely with our clients to have contracts prepared as their properties come to the market. NOT after a sale is agreed.

This step makes perfect sense and does not typically incur clients in any extra cost. Few properties have no issues to resolve prior to sale. This pro-active approach means a contract can be ready once a buyer is found and greatly reduces the chances of a sale falling through un-necessarily. It is important vendors instruct a solicitor equally committed to accelerating the selling process.

The following steps are a guideline for vendors to have ‘THEIR house in order’ if selling to ensure a hassle-free sale in a timely fashion.
Our extensive selling experience and advice has already helped hundreds of satisfied clients. The process need not be protracted. Preparation and the right professionals can see your property sold and completed in a few weeks, NOT months.

Contract Ready Properties — the way forward.

Title Deeds / Map & Identity

In order for your solicitor to prepare contracts they will need the title deeds. If you do not have a mortgage you will need to locate the title deeds which may be with your solicitor.

If your house is mortgaged the title deeds will be held by your bank. You will need to give written authorisation to your solicitor to obtain title deeds from the bank. It takes approximately 2 weeks to get your title deeds from the bank.

Your solicitor must order an up to date map from the Land Registry which takes approximately 1 week to arrive.

Planning Permission

Any house built since the 1st October 1964 requires planning permission. The solicitor will need to make sure that the planning documentation is in order. This will usually involve an architect’s certificate stating that the conditions of the planning regulations have been complied with. This should be with the title documents. Buyers just need a loan agreed in principle so a formal application can be submitted as soon as they find their ideal home, plus a solicitor and a surveyor. A survey should then be carried out within a couple of days.

If you have renovated or extended your property since purchase, you will need to obtain a copy of the recent planning permission together with an architect’s certificate of compliance with planning permission and building regulations or exemption from planning permission. If there are any development charges referred to in the planning permission you will need to obtain a letter from the council confirming these charges have been paid.

Building Energy Rating Certificate BER

You will need to obtain a BER certificate. It is a legal obligation for Franklins to include the BER rating in the sales brochure.

Boundaries; it is very important that your boundaries on the ground correspond with the site map. We strongly recommend this is checked as the property comes to the market.

Fixtures and Fittings

If any furniture, light fittings or fixtures are included in the sale price you will need to prepare a list of these items.

PPS Numbers

You must have a valid PPS (Social Security) number in order to sell any property. If you do not have a PPS number you will need to apply for a PPS number to the Department of Social Protection who can take 6-8 weeks to issue a PPS number.

Local Property Tax / Household Charge / Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR)

Local Property Tax

You will require clearance from Revenue that the Local Property Tax is paid. In most cases clearance can be obtained by accessing the LPT online system. To obtain general clearance log on to the LPT online system at using:

– The property ID

– Property PIN

– Your PPS number or Tax Reference number

You should select the Property History Screen to view the relevant LPT details which can be printed off and used to satisfy the purchaser that the property has no outstanding LPT issues.

Household Charge

You will require a Certificate of Discharge that the Household Charge (which was abolished in 2013) was paid for 2012-2013. If a property is exempt from the Household Charge or you are entitled to a waiver, you will require a Certificate of Exemption or Waiver.

Certificates can be obtained by contacting Household Charge Support Centre, PO Box 12168, Dublin 1 or LoCall 1890 357357 or 01 4853695 quoting your PPS number and the property ID. The certificate takes approximately 10 days to issue.

From 1st July 2013 all arrears of the Household Charge were increased to €200 and added to the Local Property Tax (LPT) due on the property. The arrears of the Household Charge will be converted into LPT and payable through the LPT system to Revenue.

Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR)

If the property is not your principal residence you will need to pay the NPPR and print out a Certificate of Discharge from the NPPR website.

Management Company / Local Authority Confirmation

If your house or apartment is in an estate which is managed by a management company you will need to obtain a receipt for the payment of service charges, a copy of the most recent management accounts and the contact details of the management company for your solicitor.

If the property is situated in a housing estate a letter from the local authority confirming whether the roads and services in the development have been taken in charge by the Local Authority must be obtained. If seeking the letter from Donegal County Council it can take up to 6-8 weeks.

Land Registry Instrument / Septic Tank Registration

If there is a burden on the Folio comprised within the Land Registry instrument the instrument should be ordered by the solicitor without delay as at the moment Land Registry are taking approximately 6 weeks to issue instruments.

If there is a septic tank / treatment system serving the property a registration certificate under the Waters Services (Amendment) Act 2012 must be furnished.

Preparing the Contracts For Sale

The contract for sale is drawn up once the solicitor has received all the documentation.

Your solicitor can then send the contracts and title deeds to us by electronic mail and we can upload the contracts and title deeds to our website.

Prospective buyers may want to check the title documents before purchasing and this will speed up this process. Their solicitor, surveyor or architect can register with us and obtain access to these documents. Once a sale is agreed the contracts can be sent to the purchaser’s solicitor by email the same day the sale is agreed. The purchaser’s architects or surveyor can also access the documents for the purpose of carrying out a survey if required.


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